ELK Products

ELK Products

M1 Security & Automation Controls

ELK's M1 Gold Security and Automation Controls provide the ideal combination of security, energy management, and integrated control solutions.



  • Virtually Unlimited Number of Users for Card Access (Host Dependent)
  • Arm/Disarm of Areas
  • Activate/Deactivate Outputs
  • Real-Time Status of Outputs/Inputs using Point Status
  • Cross-Platform Activation using the Mercury Hardware Platform and Triggers / Macros
  • Graphic Maps
  • Vector Drawn Shapes for Visual Status of Armed/Disarmed Areas
  • Manually Arm/Disarm Areas and Activate/Deactivate Outputs
  • Area Status Indication by Keypad (Armed, Disarmed, Not Ready)
  • ELK Automation between Mercury Readers. Example: Valid Card Read from a Mercury Reader will Automatically Disarm the ELK Areas Associated with that Reader
  • Unlimited Number of Events for Historical Reporting

    Notes on ELK and UnityIS

  • The Controller Status Screen in the UnityIS Hardware Manager will display all input and output status, along with temperature status of each keypad
  • The Secured Areas module will display the inputs and keypads that are associated to assigned areas.
  • Areas can be Armed/Disarmed by clicking one of three buttons: Arm Area, Disarm Area or Force Arm Area
  • The Control Points module will display real-time status of the relays.
  • Relays can be toggled using one of three buttons:  Activate, Deactivate, or Pulse
  • The Monitor Points module will display real-time status of the inputs.
  • Inputs can be toggled using one of two buttons:  Arm or Disarm
  • Graphic Maps allows ELK input, relay points and keypads to be plotted, displaying real-time status of each.
  • Relays can be toggled using one of three buttons:  Activate, Deactivate, or Pulse
  • The Event Manager and Alarm Manager modules will report ELK events, supporting over 500 different event types.
  • The Triggers and Macros module can be used to create the logic “if this happens (the Trigger) then do this (the Macro)” for the supported ELK commands.
  • Command 34 (Burglar Alarm System Command) will allow you to pick an area to Arm/Disarm based on any trigger in the system.
  • Commands 2-4 will allow the control of any ELK relay.
  • Command 30 (Display Text on LCD Keypad) will allow a text message to be displayed either permanently or temporarily on any one of the 16 ELK keypads.
  • Command 36 (Voice Output) will allow voice messages to be played through the ELK voice module. Up to 473 prerecorded words can be used to generate a message that is 250 characters in length.

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