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UnityIS Flex


  • Industry’s most powerful & flexible API
  • Supports an ever-increasing range of access control hardware
  • Cloud Deployable
  • Optional User Interface
  • Technology Stack

    • Java/Kotlin back end
    • UI written in Javascript
    • Mobile app written in React Native 

UnityIS^FLEX is the industry’s most flexible, powerful, cloud-based access control service, supporting a wide variety of open and proprietary hardware. Deployed in your cloud infrastructure, UnityIS^FLEX is integrated with your software using a single, robust, elegant, cloud-to-cloud JSON/REST API.


  • Annual subscription scaled by doors
  • Flat recurring fee for baseline support
  • Source code license option available on request
  • Source code escrow standard in all agreements


  • Passed multiple thorough pen tests
  • Static analysis & dependency analysis
  • Fine-grained permission model
  • Back end enforces all permissions
  • Support for external authentication


  • UnityIS^FLEX is not hosted by IMRON
  • IMRON publishes updated, versioned containers to a repository
  • Release notes and notifications of new versions are sent to customers.
  • Customer tests new version using test/staging environment, then migrates production servers after this testing passes.


  • Full deployment and API documentation, user manual
  • IMRON provides first and second-tier support.
  • Critical bugs and security issues addressed immediately
  • 24h response time for high-priority issues
  • Staff in multiple time zones for extended support hours
  • Comprehensive logging enables after-the-fact analysis

Supported Access Control Brands

Assa Abloy

WiFi locks that can leverage your IT infrastructure to reduce the cost and complexity of installing access control. Works best for mid-sized to enterprise sites


Two door network controller that is based on the ONVIF open standard and is fully integrated to UnityIS. Works best for small to mid-sized sites.


Next generation controllers and sub-controllers with robust performance and reliability. Works best for mid-sized to enterprise sites.


Reimagines access control at the core. Switch™ Core by dormakaba transforms mechanical access to digital in minutes. Works best for any size site.


ELK's M1 Gold Security and Automation Controls provide the ideal combination of security, energy management, and integrated control solutions. Works best for any size site.


Two door and single door network access solutions with intelligence at the door. Works best for small to mid-sized sites.


Feature rich open hardware platform that has been reliable for over two decades. Works best for mid-sized to enterprise sites.


High-level security controllers and sub-controllers that have been installed in the government and military for over three decades. Works best for mid-sized to enterprise sites.


SAFR SCAN delivers a frictionless, fast access control experience employing the latest advancements in secure facial authentication technology.


Bluetooth readers and mobile credentials that are highly secure, durable, and customizable. Works best for any size site.


Key management made simple and secure. Smarter key control in the workplace is now in reach.

zkteco usa

One door, two door, and four door PoE controllers that are feature-rich and affordable. Works best for small to mid-sized sites.



  • JSON/REST API maintains some state for streaming real-time events, and status
  • In production with multiple customers, for over 7 years
  • Cloud DB support (Postgres, SQL Server, MySQL/Mariadb - cloud databases like AWS RDS)
  • Multi-tenancy with full separation of data by tenant


  • Containerized with Docker
  • Deployable in major platforms, including: AWS ECS, Azure and Google
  • Single instance handles all tenants & functions
  • Portable, deployment options include: Docker/Linux, Windows Service, Linux Debian Service


  • Auto-scaling for containers
  • Can be load-balanced to any instance.
  • Sticky sessions for API to allow keeping state for streaming real-time events, and status.
  • Message queues for communication
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