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UnityVision is a software platform that allows you to control your entire video surveillance system from one central location. Connect and configure cameras, monitor open spaces, implement video analytics, or use centralized cloud management tools for multi-site management.

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Features and Benefits

High scalability
  • Optimized for both recording and streaming video, reduces onsite hardware requirements

Web-based administrator
  • Dedicated HTML5-based web client, eliminates the need to install and maintain a Windows®-based management client

Centralized cloud management
  • Using Enterprise Manager™, can be managed centrally providing software updates, configuration, and health monitoring over multi-site deployments

Native analytics

  • Analytic applications include motion tracking, auto-PTZ tracking, people counting, and more

High security

  • Employs SSL encryption on all communications ensures secure deployment
  • Penetration testing routinely used to proactively identify and resolve potential security issues

Server and storage failover
  • Efficiently delivers built-in failover functionality without the need for expensive Microsoft Clustering and extra server

Mobile app option
  • Seamlessly connects to UnityVision™ from anywhere in the world via smartphone or tablet
  • View and playback video, control pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, manage I/O devices, receive alarm push notifications, and more

​Lowest total cost of ownership VMS on the market

  • Delivers a 40% increase in client side CPU efficiency, immediately improving performance and offering the smallest hardware footprint of any VMS ever created.

Standard License – IP Video Recording

  • Leverage commercial off-the-shelf computers from leading manufacturers
  • Unlimited* cameras per server
  • Edge Storage Support
  • Automated response to alarms (e.g. send email notification, start recording, etc.)
  • Remote Live View
  • Video Analytics Support
  • Continuous Recording on Motion or Alarm
  • Integrated Site Map
  • Multi-stream camera support
  • Mobile device support (iOS/Android)
  • Robust video management recording features:
    • Remote live view
    • Video playback
    • Record on motion
    • Integrated site map
    • PTZ control
    • Multi-stream camera support

Professional License – IP Video & Integrated Alarm Management

UnityVision Professional combines the robust video recording features of the Standard license with enterprise wide system scalability, third party system integration, and centralized event management capabilities.
  • Multi-server integration
  • Microsoft Active Directory Integration
  • Integrations to 3rd party systems (e.g. Electronic Access Control Integration)

Enterprise License – Intelligent Video Management

UnityVision Enterprise incorporates all the features and capabilities of standard and professional licenses. From built-in redundancy to video wall support and GIS maps, UnityVision Enterprise delivers the most comprehensive video management system.
  • Server Failover
  • Storage Failover
  • Video Wall
  • GIS Map support (ArcGIS)
  • Load Balancing

The Industry's Simplest Licensing Model
​One Camera... One License... No Hidden Costs...


* The server requires 1 license per device. Example: for a system with 32 cameras and one DIO device, you require 33 licenses. If you increase the number of managed devices, the licenses will also need to be increased.

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