AI Video Analytics

The UnityIS AI Vision Platform adds intelligence for security, safety, health, and operations to any IP camera and dozens of market-leading video management systems - at a fraction of the cost of proprietary systems.

Video analytics provide real-time alerts, smart video search, and reporting in UnityIS.

To use a video analytic, you purchase the appropriate license and install the analytic package on the video analytics server. Once installed, you can enable the video analytics on a camera.

All licensing shown is on a per camera basis.

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Core Vision Platform

Includes real-time alert dashboard, heat map dashboard, smart hash tag, camera health management, outdoor and indoor map, live view, VMS/NVR playback, LDAP integration, GDPR, smartphone APP.

Weapon Detection

Accurately identify weapons in real-time and generate alerts when a gun enters the camera’s field of view. The weapon detection solution is valuable in providing active shooter detection warnings before...

Social Health Analytics

A comprehensive suite of social health screening capabilities UnityIS's Social Health Analytics is for organizations seeking to re-open and operate safely during the coronavirus pandemic. UnityIS can process images from...

License Plate Recognition

UnityIS AI License Plate Recognition (LPR) is a real-time, high-performance software solution used to identify and analyze license plates from over 100 countries worldwide. LPR is an application module available...

Facial Recognition

Enable the rapid search of a person in a video footage based on an input image of the person’s face. By having the search engine based on artificial intelligence and...

Intrusion Detection

UnityIS Intrusion Detection automates the monitoring tasks for high-risk sites to provide a high level of security and security personnel monitoring efficiency. The simple plug-and-play setup enables AI Intrusion Detection...

Fire and Smoke Detection

Instantaneous detection of smoke and/or fires, alerts are sent for you to act before further damage or injury. No calibration is required to adapt the system to the usage environment....

People Counting and Abnormal Event Detection

People Counting and Abnormal Event Detection (PCAED) software license per channel includes person wrong direction, person fall, person crouch, loitering detection, and occupancy alert

Vehicle Counting and Abnormal Event Detection

Vehicle Counting and Abnormal Event Detection (VCAED) software license per channel includes vehicle speeding detection, wrong direction, and illegal parking

Object Left Behind

Object Left Behind is a video analytic that can detect when an object is added to or removed from the scene. Monitor changes in an environment to detect when objects are added or...