Azure Access Technology

IMRON has partnered with Azure Access Technology and Z9 Security for its next generation open architecture advanced access control solution. Azure controllers offer a robust feature set that surpass all other competing products, and is fully integrated to our UnityIS software. Proudly made in the USA and not affected by global supply chain issues.

Fully scalable and customizable, fully certified as z9/op=n, IMRON solutions are THE non-proprietary “open” standard.

The Azure IC2 controller has the same board dimensions and terminal block layouts of a Mercury LP1502. It also comes with the same feature set as Mercury and performs better.

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IC2 Two Door Controller

2 Readers, 8 Supervised Inputs, 4 Outputs The high-performance IC2 is an open hardware architecture network controller that fully supports up to two doors. The IC2 includes 2 reader ports,...

IC4 Four Door Controller

4 Readers, 16 Supervised Inputs, 8 Outputs The high-performance IC4 is an open hardware architecture network controller that fully supports up to four doors. The IC4 includes 4 reader ports,...

RI2M Two Door Sub-Controller

Two Door Sub-Controller The RI2M is the next generation, reader-interface sub-controller. It is a low-profile device that can be installed near or at the door. It features 2-door control with...

IO168 I/O Sub-Controller

The IO168 has 16 high precision sensor inputs and 8 relay outputs. The large number of inputs and outputs enables full control of additional doors, monitoring extensive sensor networks, and...