Dual Door Sub-Controller

MR52 Series 3B is a dual door sub-controller with on-board flexibility to connect a wide range of security devices. The MR52 Series 3B sub-controller is easy to install and provides the required I/O for interfacing two card readers, eight general-purpose input monitor points and six control relays to any Authentic Mercury series intelligent controller.  The MR52 Series 3B sub-controller has the same reliable interface and identical footprint as the Series 2, MR-52, which enables seamless upgrades for existing deployments.

Prices are subject to change.


Data Sheet


  • Connects to SCP-2, SCP-M, EPC-1 and LP series controllers.
  • Enhanced Security: Embedded crypto memory chip provides secured layer of encryption to protect sensitive data
  • Provides all I/O needed for dual door control



  • Multi-facility code support
  • Multi-reader technology support
  • AES 128/256 bit data encryption
  • UL 294 recognized, CE compliant, FCC,
  • RS-485 host connectivity
  • Supports OSDP, OSDP Secure Channel,
    FICAM government profiles, keypads,
    biometric readers, Wiegand, clock
    and data, magnetic stripe, F/2F and
    supervised F/2F reader technologies