May 10th, 2010

IMRON's Access Control System Deployed at Parkchester


IMRON Corporation has secured its space in the real estate industry. The company's innovative security management solutions have been deployed in thousands of locations worldwide ranging from government facilities, airports, hospitals, and universities. IMRON has evolved into a manufacturer of integrated access control technology that has been installed in New York's top commercial and residential high-rise buildings. In addition, the company offers solutions for video management, alarm management, biometrics, smartcards, asset management, and ID Badging. Large-scale facilities including the Parkchester South Condominium Complex have relied on IMRON to upgrade the complex's aging access control system and improve overall security. Currently, IMRON is working with Parkchester South Condominium, Inc. in the Borough of the Bronx in New York City to complete a major access control installation by the end of 2011. At the end of the day, New York's upscale condominium complexes want to ensure the safety of their tenants now more than ever. It is important to keep safety as a top priority, while providing peace of mind to tenants. The Parkchester South Condominium Complex consists of 116 eight and twelve story buildings with 8,226 units and 40,000 residents. It also has its own Public Safety Department that consists of its own New York City Special Patrol Officers. A huge challenge for the complex was to take control of the 40,000 tenant keys and gain support from the board to invest in replacing the old access control system.

"IMRON's access control system was the right access key solution for our condominium complex. One of the major advantages that IMRON's system had over its competitors was the IS2000 software's ability to handle residential apartments," said Andre Butler, Parkchester's director of information technology.


"In addition, IMRON was willing to modify the software for our specific usage and environment without any additional cost. Installation assistance and ongoing support has exceeded our expectations. "Most key systems are geared for employee access control, but in a residential apartment complex keys are linked to apartments. If the residency of the apartment changes, management needs a way to track all keys assigned to that apartment. With IMRON's IS2000 software, the complex can filter keys first by address and apartment and continue to manage keys for that apartment including loss/stolen keys, move ins/move outs and history trace on key usage.


The IMRON controllers and IS2000 software work over a fiber optic local area network that connects all 116 buildings. Key changes which includes additions/deletions can be made in less than one minute with the changes immediately sent to the building's controller. IS2000 software allows the complex to view events such as doors held open, attempts at unauthorized key use, and any problems with individual doors. The Parkchester complex includes over 160 multi-story buildings, 12,000 apartments and numerous commercial enterprises including major retailers, theaters, restaurants and small specialty shops. Parkchester North Condominiums, Inc. and Parkchester South Condominium, Inc. are not-for-profit corporations and condominium associations. Although operating separately as two distinct organizations, the two condominiums work cooperatively for the benefit of the community. The complex also maintains public parks and a variety of recreational services and events for residents.

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