IMRON Trove1R (Up to 4 Doors)

(Access Boards Sold Separately)

The IMRON Trove1R Rack Mount Systems are powered with Altronix modules that are used with IMRON access boards in one compact and secure UL Listed solution.

The IMRON Trove1R Rack Mount System includes:
  • eFlow6NB - 6amp power supply with 12VDC or 24VDC selectable voltage
  • ACM4CB - provides four PTC protected outputs
  • VR6 - voltage regulator converts 24VDC input into 5VDC or 12VDC output
  • PDS8CB - dual input and includes eight PTC protected outputs

SYSR-4SM can accommodate:

    SYSR-4EM can accommodate:


    SYSR-4SA can accommodate:

    • (1) Azure IC2 and
    • (1) Azure RI2M

      SYSR-4EA can accommodate:


      SYSR-4EZ can accommodate: